Why One Woman Chose Medical Marijuana


I may not be able to speak for many, but I can speak for myself on why people use medical marijuana to ease their pain or to help with making life just a bit easier to handle.

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I had gone through years of seeing different doctors when I first began to feel chronic pain in my neck and spine. My body had gone from feeling fine, to major pain and discomfort throughout the entire day. Many tests were run, pictures taken, blood drawn, and appointments to receive no true diagnosis. I just received a bunch of, it might be this, it might be that, here take this and here take that. Doctors prescribed me nerve deadeners to stop the feelings of pain.

I was prescribed anti depressants to help me forget about the pain and even was advised on spinal injections, all without a true diagnosis. I would come home with these medications and my husband and I would sit down and read the inserts that came with them and realized that every side effect that these medications had, outweighed my actual way I was feeling. I couldn’t figure out why I would want to take something that was going to possibly make me feel worse than I already did or would damage my internal organs if I took them for an extended period of time.

Being that I already knew that all my internal organs had been tested and were completely healthy, it didn’t make any sense to take a pill that would or could damage my kidneys or liver, give me a possible heart attack/stroke or make me depressed with suicidal thoughts or actions. I was in pain, but not desperate.

So with me, using cannabis internally and externally helped me ease my pains and help rebuild what needed to be done without any harmful side effects. I do not consider sleeping, munchies, dry, red eyes or mouth, bad side effects compared to the things I have read on my prescription medication.  My main reason for using cannabis is that it works for what I need and still allows me to partake in my life and still allows me to feel, so I know when I have done too much and need to rest or just feel happy or sad or whatever may come my way. I have no worries about adverse side effects to my mind or body and do not have to worry about it reacting negatively to anything I do.

More and more people are turning to cannabis for their form of medicine, after reading the side effects of other meds and prefer a more natural way to ease pain and to heal, something that actually works with their bodies instead of against it.


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