91 Reasons to Celebrate: Oregon’s Recreational Pot Law Go Into Effect


Beginning TODAY, October 1, Oregon residents can officially buy recreational pot.  Here’s what you should know.

Advocates of legal marijuana, rejoice! Thursday, October 1 marks the first day Oregon residents can purchase recreational marijuana. Measure 91 passed last November, and residents were able to grow and possess marijuana starting in July, but on October 1 residents are able to legally purchase marijuana from medical dispensaries for recreational purpose.

Recreational dispensaries probably won’t open until October 2016; the state won’t accept applications for licenses until early January. However, cannabis-enthusiasts can still purchase recreational use marijuana from already established medical dispensaries, as well as from individuals who possess an Oregon Medical Marijuana Patient card.

There are still some limits on the products available to customers.  Things such as edibles, hash oils, and drinks won’t be available for purchase until the recreational dispensaries open.  Medical dispensaries are only permitted to sell flowers, seeds, and buds, and only up to seven grams, or a quarter of an ounce.

Following suit of other recreationally approved states, you still have to be 21 or over in order to legally consume and possess medical marijuana.  Some 33 cities and counties have opted out of Measure 91, and in those areas, growing, possessing, and selling marijuana remains illegal. Smoking in public and driving while intoxicated are also outlawed.

Oregon sets itself apart from it’s recreational predecessors simply in the scale of their roll out.  While Colorado and Washington both opened with less than 100 recreational dispensaries, more than 200 Oregon medical dispensaries have submitted the paperwork to sell recreationally as well.

Oregonians can also expect to see slightly lower tax rates than their recreational brethren. Recreational sales in Oregon are experiencing a tax holiday until January 4th.  After that date, there will be a be a temporary tax rate of 25%, until late 2016, when it will be replaced with a 17% sales tax, in addition to any local sales taxes.

Oregon joins the wave of states legalizing recreational marijuana, including Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and the District of Columbia.

Celebrate! Find the best deals and local dispensaries here.

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