People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Lila Rose


Traditional medicine hasn’t helped 6 year old Lila Rose’s epilepsy – could marijuana prove to be the treatment that works?

On most days, Lila Rose is a bright, funny 6 year-old girl. She has two protective older brothers and a great mom and dad. On most days, Lila is a joy.

But Lila has epilepsy. On the days she is feeling well, she plays and smiles and laughs. Her bad days are hard though; Lila can have 10-25 seizures in a day. It’s hard on her family watching her go through these seizures trying anything they can to help her. They have doctor’s appointments 2-4 times a month and have tried just about every medicine available. The medicines just don’t work.

In 2012, Lila’s parents started hearing about a cannabis oil treatment being made in Colorado.

“We found a few people talking about something called Charlotte’s Web. But, it’s hard to think about giving your daughter cannabis,” said her mother, Kim.

They opted at the time to keep seeing doctors and trying to find a medicine that would work. Then Kim watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary, Weed in 2013. She started researching on the internet and learning more about Charlotte’s Web. It was having amazing effects on children with seizures.

Surprised by the great testimonials Kim kept reading online, she joined an online group for parents of children with epilepsy. Parents from all over the United States were talking about going to Colorado.

“It’s a huge decision to move your family from everything they know. Plus we were still wrestling with the idea of giving our Lila cannabis,” said Kim.

So, after much deliberation, Lila Rose and her mother are leaving Pennsylvania and going to Colorado. They will be medical marijuana refugees, like many others throughout the country. They will do anything to save their daughter from living a life of entrapment. Lila is a person who needs to consume cannabis.

With all the new research out on CBD and epilepsy, her parents are determined to see if it can help Lila Rose. The family has decided that Lila and her mother will rent a small apartment in Colorado for six months. They have already contacted a doctor there willing to see Lila Rose and help in getting her the right strain of cannabis oil.

Though the family will be split for quite a length of time, they all pray and hope this will help Lila Rose. They also hope that in the next six months, Pennsylvania will finish passing a medical marijuana bill that is waiting in the House.

As more and more states legalize medical marijuana, it will become easier for people like Lila and her family to get the help they need.

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