People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Craig Berry


Cannabis is expanding past it’s traditional “stoner” stereotype.  Meet Craig Berry – he’s one of many joining the new normal of cannabis consumers.

Craig Berry is a well-known, small town lawyer. He is in his late 50’s, married for 20 years and has 3 children. Berry’s children are all grown, the youngest is in college. His middle child is married with 3 children and his oldest just moved back in after a nasty divorce.

What sets Berry apart from many people? Berry is a person who consumes cannabis.

Berry is a great litigator with a winning record. He hobnobs with the mayor, leaders of the community, and is a member of the best private clubs in town. Craig donates to local charities and speaks to Joe Blow on the street. He has been highly recognized in his small town.

“I love helping people. That’s why I contribute so much to charity and do many pro bono cases,” said Berry.

When Craig goes home, he kisses his wife, maybe sneaks a taste of dinner, and goes into his den. His favorite thing to do in his den after a day of clients and court? Roll and light a joint.

Berry said, “I started smoking marijuana in college. After a night of studying or a hard test, it relaxed us.”

Now after many years of litigating hard cases, Craig believes marijuana has helped him to put his days in perspective. “It’s hard to see so much tragedy in this world. Marijuana mellows me out and let’s me remember there is always good out there.”

He provides his services to the local NORML chapter. He also advocates for medical marijuana being provided for those that need it.

“I’ve witnessed marijuana help cancer patients, HIV patients, epileptics, etcetera. I believe it should be legal and available to everyone that needs it medically,” said Craig.  “The community should be more aware of it’s medical benefits instead of condemning marijuana.”

He will be going to speak in front of Ohio’s House of Representatives soon to convince them that medical marijuana should be legalized in the state. It’s a big opportunity for him and NORML to fight for the thousands of patients that could benefit from marijuana.

Berry represents the new normal – the growing number of people who consume cannabis.


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