People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Devlin


Devlin is a 41 year-old man who was severely injured on his job years ago. Since being hurt and not able to work in the factory anymore, Devlin has become an advocate for the marijuana movement happening throughout America.

With all the pain from his accident, Devlin became a person who consumes cannabis. He has found it to be one of the only things to help him get through his day. Cannabis also helps him not rely on opioids which are causing a rise in addictions.

In 2009, Michigan made medical marijuana legal. Now interested in helping people like him, Devlin moved north from his home state of Ohio to Michigan and opened a marijuana dispensary. Unfortunately, Michigan is not organized in their marijuana laws and after a couple of years, Devlin had to shut the doors.

“With the marijuana laws not being clear in Michigan and dispensaries like mine being harassed by law enforcement, I just couldn’t keep the place open any longer,” said Devlin. “It’s was a very sad day for me. I was helping people. That was my goal in opening the dispensary.”

Soon after, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He moved back home to help her through it. After two years of fighting, she passed away. Devlin, however, was already looking at alternative medicines to help people. He began researching hemp products.

“Being in Ohio where marijuana is illegal, I wanted to find something with the same benefits of marijuana without the high,” Devlin said. “Hemp is a win-win for those that don’t want to use opiates or marijuana. With hemp being a relative of marijuana, it has the same medical benefits. It’s legal in all fifty states and you don’t get high from it.”

Intrigued by this, Devlin opened a store in his Ohio town that sells only hemp products. He sells everything from CBD enriched tinctures, lotions, and soaps, to coffee, e-juice, and dog treats. He works to bring awareness to hemp products throughout his community. Devlin even speaks to a lot of law enforcement on how hemp products can help combat the overwhelming heroin epidemic spreading through the country.

While giving speeches to many groups and having free cookouts for his community, Devlin is a leader and advocate for the legalization of marijuana. He helped spread information and gather signatures to pass Ohio’s recent decriminalization of marijuana. He is also fighting for people to vote no on issue 3 in Ohio. Issue 3 is a hot button bill that would create a marijuana monopoly through Ohio – it lost in November 2015.

“I want people to know what they are voting for. A marijuana monopoly is not what Ohio needs. Ohio needs legislation that will help patients and not punish them,” says Devlin.


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