People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Gene


Gene is a hard-working, middle-aged man. He works 5-6 days a week and is the head chef at a nice restaurant. He has a family and a decent life. What makes Gene so special? He is a person who consumes cannabis.

When asked how he started smoking marijuana, Gene said, “I was 16 when I started washing dishes in a restaurant. After a hard night in the restaurant, most of us would get together and party. We would smoke joints, drink, and have a good time.”

Most that know him would never even guess. People would probably think he was sober when he was stoned. Gene is a highly functioning pothead. He accomplishes great things, all while he is stoned.

He is a very funny guy too. Gene can cook a hundred dinners and crack jokes, have a hilarious observation, or make up a raunchy rap while he’s doing it. He can also do sixty dinners in his kitchen by himself including all prep and clean up.

It’s an amazing thing to watch Gene in his kitchen. When he gets a break he smokes a little pot and a cigarette. His employees love to work with him and the owner of the restaurant says, “I wouldn’t change anything about Gene.” Asked to elaborate, “Gene works and plays hard. I’ve been in the restaurant business a long time and have learned that most cooks have their vices.”

Most know that Gene is a person who functions better stoned. Without it, he is lethargic and grouchy. So, he will wake up in the morning and after one cup of coffee be ready to smoke a bong. It doesn’t hinder his life – it enhances it.

Gene is unique because he goes through most of his day and life stoned. He does everything everybody else does. He takes care of his family, pays the bills, and keeps up on things in his home. Gene just prefers to do it all high.

“I will probably always smoke pot. It helps me do a lot, especially as I get older and more aches and pains come into play,” said Gene.


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