People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Kate Hannon


When you meet Kate Hannon, 25 of Seattle, WA, you would never assume that she is a person who consumes cannabis. She is professional, dedicated to her dreams, and extremely successful in what she does. Her determination creates the impression that she is too busy to spend her afternoons smoking marijuana.

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Until recently, Hannon never considered using marijuana. After years of working a stressful job and feeling “rather stagnant,” Hannon said she felt a need for something different.

“I always lacked direction,” Hannon said. After dropping out of college after a semester, Hannon began working full-time at a local restaurant. She never thought she would stay there long, but “five years later and you can still find me behind the bar,” laughed Hannon.

According to friends of Hannon, she allows work to rule her life. “She’s never gotten a raise or a promotion, but she works so hard everyday,” said Aiden Granger. Granger lives with Hannon and says she’s frequently frustrated with her job and will spend hours complaining about things that will never change.

Granger and other close friends of Hannon felt they were loosing her as she continued to work at a job that was getting her no where. “She never motivated herself to find something more fulfilling,” Granger said.

“After my friends talked to me, I researched into a number of things before deciding to try marijuana,” Hannon said. Research showed that cannabis could help Hannon handle her anxiety and stress towards work. “If I could control my stress then maybe I could focus my energy on living a more peaceful and happy existence,” Hannon said.

With the help of cannabis, Hannon felt herself letting go of the stresses of work. “My free time stopped revolving around the restaurant. For the first time in a long time I felt level-headed and at peace.”

Hannon now spends her free time cooking extravagant meals at home, a passion she soon discovered after she started consuming cannabis. With all of her restaurant experience, she is working towards opening her own restaurant in the next year.

She feels she never would have opened herself up to finding this passion without the help of marijuana. “It’s incredible that something so simple could help provide the focus I needed to give myself some direction.”


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