People Who Consume Cannabis: Meet Kathy


You should meet Kathy. She is happily married to her college sweetheart, Harvey. She is lucky enough to be a teacher and can be home with their 8 year-old son, Adrian, after school. Adrian is active in recreational sports. He plays soccer, football, and wrestles. Needless to say Kathy is an on-the-go mom and works hard for her family.

Sounds like a typical mom, right?  Kathy is part of the growing number of parents who consume cannabis, turning to a bit of bud instead of a glass of wind to take the edge off a long day.

A normal day for Kathy starts at 5 a.m. She works out, makes everybody breakfast, gets ready for work, kisses Harvey, and takes Adrian to his school on her way to work. After teaching high school English, she picks Adrian up, takes him to a practice, and begins grading papers while waiting for him. After they get home, it’s dinner, homework, and Adrian to bed.

“Our days are usually packed with so much, sometimes it’s hard to find time for just me and Harvey,” Kathy said.

Once she and Harvey are positive Adrian is asleep, they sneak into the garage and get high. It’s their favorite way to end a day. They relax, maybe watch some T.V., or get a little frisky.

“I met Harvey one night in college,” says Kathy, “A friend introduced us because I wanted to buy a bag for me and my friends. Harvey sold me the bag, but I never went out with my friends that night. Instead, Harvey and I sat up all night talking and smoking joints.”

Being good parents to Adrian is their number one priority, but they see no harm in getting high. They have good lives, are exceptional in their professions, and are volunteers in the community. Smoking pot has never interrupted any of that.

“We’ve always felt that the way we smoke pot is comparable to people who have a drink at the end of the day. Just instead of alcohol, we smoke marijuana,” said Harvey.

Slowly emerging from the illegal stigma, cannabis users are becoming the new normal, and parents, just like Kathy and Harvey, are able to unwind with a joint.

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