Period Relief: New Product Eases Menstrual Cramps


A new suppository from cannabis company Foria claims to ease menstrual camps.

A new cannabis product just hit the market, and its targeting a new type of consumer. The Foria Relief is a cannabis suppository that is supposed to ease menstrual pain for its users.

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The suppositories are made with all natural ingredients: cannabis oil (obviously), a CBD isolate, and coconut oil. The THC heavy suppositories (60mg THC, 10mg CBD) can ease the pain of people with menstrual pain, especially those who have dysmenorrhea, or especially painful menstrual periods. They modulate the high frequency pain without reducing nerve control, as an opiate would.

So will you get high? No.

The type of THC the suppository uses is called delta 9 THC; this form of THC can only illicit a high if its inhaled or ingested. When used vaginally, the THC is absorbed, but doesn’t get you high. It remains concentrated around your uterus and is non-psychoactive, so you won’t be feeling like your eyelids are too heavy or light-headed giddiness.

So why make the switch?

Already use weed to self medicate your menstrual cramps? You still might want to give it a try. The product is inserted into the vagina, meaning the medicine is more bioavailable to the affected areas than say, smoking a bowl would allow. This way, you bypass filtration the product would go through if it was ingested through your lungs or your stomach, and go straight to the source, meaning higher potency and faster response time.


Want to try it for yourself? Find the best deals and dispensaries here.

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