Pets and Pot: Do They Mix?


A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care in January 2012 asserted that legalization has lead to four times as many cases of accidental marijuana ingestion in pets. There’s quite a bit of conflicting information out there but in honor of National Pet Day, the time has come to demystify the falsehoods and set the record straight about marijuana and pets.

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Pups and Pot
Just like you and me, dogs experience a similar high when they ingest marijuana. Unlike humans though, a pooch can suffer from an overdose that requires immediate medical attention. However, since there is no antidote for marijuana overdose, a veterinarian will simply treat your stoned dog with hydration, body temperature stabilization, and methods for stopping further absorption of cannabinoids and THC. Furthermore, just like people can get paranoid and anxious after imbibing weed, the same thing can occur with dogs and also cause them to pant and pace (this occurs in 25 percent of cases). Keep in mind that feeding your pup weed brownies is extremely dangerous, not because of the cannabis necessarily, and more because of the chocolate.

While it’s still debated whether or not dogs enjoy being high, research demonstrates that marijuana has medicinal effects on ailing hounds. Similarly to how people use marijuana to treat different conditions, dogs can find relief from arthritis, cancer, and other painful illnesses.

Cats and Cannabis
If you’ve ever seen a cat with a catnip plant, you know how much felines enjoy a little buzz every now and then. Despite that, whether or not cats enjoy marijuana is still a contentious point among pet health experts. When kitties do get high from marijuana, it’s usually from eating it or inhaling the smoke. Cats can experience negative side effects such as lethargy, decrease in balance, anxiety, depression, vomiting, reduced heart rate, seizures, and possibly even coma. On the other hand, cats have shown positive reactions to the use of medicinal marijuana for painful, life-threatening conditions, just like dogs.

Pot For Pets
Humans aren’t the only ones with the opportunity to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana. Two Seattle-based veterinarians, Drs. Sarah Brandon and Greg Copas, created a blend of sativa strains to create Canna Companion, a health supplement for pets. Treatibles is a brand of pet snacks that uses medicinal CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids to promote wellness in both dogs and cats.

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