Positive Effects of Medical Marijuana


Despite the huge controversy making it seem otherwise, there are hugely positive effects of marijuana – especially medical marijuana.

Glaucoma, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s are just a few of the debilitating diseases that can be treated with marijuana.

Glaucoma increases pressure in your eyeball causing damage and increased blindness, marijuana can reverse or slow this disease process. Users with cancer experience reduced pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy. Pot may also help prevent cancer. Cannabidiol turns off a gene in cancer called Id-1 which severely slows the spread rate of cancer.

People with epileptic seizures benefit from pot use, as pot can bind the brain cells and regulate their relaxation. People who suffer from anxiety and PTSD like veterans can find relief through pot use. Pot acts as a sedative in low doses.

People with Parkinson’s can also benefit from pot use; pot will calm their nervous system making the disease more manageable. People often wonder if pot smoking will damage your lungs, canceling out any of the health benefits it may have. There are no studies showing that pot does any lung damage at all, in fact, tobacco smokers who started smoking pot were shown to have gained more lung capacity back.

There are also personal benefits, pot users tend to be thinner even though its a appetite stimulant. It makes your metabolism react in a healthier way to sugars in your diet. As far as your well being goes, it encourages brain activity and creativity. This happens through the parasympathetic dilation of capillaries which signify relaxation. Both sides of the brain are active during this due to increased blood and more oxygen to the brain.

There are many more things that pot use can also help with. Such as, muscle spasms, arthritis discomfort, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many more health problems.

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