Pot Culture: ‘Weeds’ (2005-2012)


If you don’t remember, 2007 was a different time for cannabis enthusiasts across the nation and in California. While medical marijuana was legal, California state Senate Bill 1449 had not yet been passed, meaning criminal charges for pot possession were still strict.

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In the fictional world of Weeds, a Showtime original satire series, Nancy Botwin (played by Mary-Louise Parker) finds herself the sole breadwinner for her family after her husband unexpectedly passes away and leaves her with a mountain of debt. Living in an upper middle class suburb in southern California, Nancy pursues a career in marijuana sales to support her two sons, her late husband’s younger brother, and herself. From Los Angeleno drug dealers to Mexican cartel kingpins, Nancy endures trials and tribulations to provide for her loved ones in the face of prohibitive cannabis laws and not-so-friendly suburban moms.

Created and written by Jenji Kohan, who you might know from the acclaimed Netflix series Orange is the New Black, Weeds ran for eight seasons with a total of 102 episodes. Starring alongside Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Justin Kirke, and Kevin Nealon were also regular cast members of the award-winning series.

In regards to pot culture, Weeds started an important dialogue about marijuana use in the contemporary world, one far away from the patchouli-soaked, tie-dyed era of the hippies. Yes, some characters on the show were hazy, lazy stoners who embodied the stereotype, but Weeds showed the many other kinds of people who consume marijuana. This dark comedy reminded mainstream America that marijuana offers so much more than an easy escape from reality.

In a world where pot usage was still taboo and mostly illegal, Weeds helped reshape people’s perspective through humor.


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