Pot in Canada: When Will it Be Legal?


The Liberal Party’s victory in October’s election brought joy to dispensaries all over Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown interest in legalizing marijuana for recreational users, adding to the existing medicinal marijuana regulation model, which started in 2001. According to predictions, if marijuana was legalized, Canada’s federal and provincial governments would bring in $5 billion in tax revenues.

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If the Liberal Party endorses marijuana reform, and there could be billions of dollars brought into the Canadian government, when is recreational pot coming to Canada?

Right now, there is no timetable for the regulations to be done. The Liberal Party has hired Bill Blair to lead the way for regulation, coordinating with Health Canada, Public Safety and the provinces to ensure fairness and safety for all Canadian citizens. Mr. Blair has told multiple media outlets he wants to “get this right” and look into all the facts.

Some reports say the regulations could come as early as next year. Right now, medicinal marijuana dispensaries let customers shop online and receive their product through the mail. Expanding the current system for recreational marijuana customers will speed up the regulation process. Opponents of the mail model say it is inefficient. They say customers want to physically smell and see the product before they buy it.

Regulations could be passed further down the road. The wait could be attributed to the amount of applications sent into Health Canada for review. In Canada, 27 licensed producers can now sell medicinal marijuana. With the expected regulations coming soon, there have been 1,284 applications since last March, with more than 75% of those applications rejected. The amount of applications in the past year can slow down the regulation process considerably.


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