Lazy Stoners? Productive Things to Do While High


The landscape of the country continues to head toward an open conversation over marijuana legalization. The growth in medical marijuana acceptance in several states throughout the country has made significant advancement over the past several years. Non-smokers have long assumed the mind and the body of those who enjoy marijuana as slow and lazy. The truth is, marijuana has always been an initiator of radical/creative thought. It is a deep and intricate dive into the inner self that the sober mind has trouble reaching. The sensations caused by marijuana are one of inspiration, as many artist and creatives see it, or one that allows even the most severe insomniacs to find solace in their beds. Here are four of the more productive things to do while high that will change how you consume the plant.

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1. Reading

Although it may sound simple and easy, reading while high is one of the more rewarding experiences you will have. Marijuana slows you down allowing you to feel each word as they jump off the page. A good mystery story will take you and your high self on a ride you will never forget. Stay away from Indica strains like Bubba Kush if you are attempting some late night reading, or prepare to fall victim to an aggressive sleepiness.

2. Cooking

Who doesn’t love cooking while high? Your taste buds become heightened and the food you are creating becomes less about what it is and more about what you are able to create. “The munchies,” as they are called, create an almost instantaneous hunger caused by marijuana consumption, but for most it is a wonderful side effect to experience.

3. Writing

Write and write more. The spark of inspiration that a hit of a joint provides can only be experienced and not explained. Artists use the medication as a way to expand their thoughts and free themselves of the boundaries that the sober logic limits.

4. Study

Now this may seem counterproductive but studying while you are high keeps you focused and calm especially during a late night cram session. Sour Diesel, a popular Sativa strain that improves energy and helps to subdue anxiety is a perfect fit to help you pass that big test you are stressing over.

Knowing how marijuana affects you is vital in knowing how productive you can actually become. You should know which strains cause which sensations. Sativa strains are effective for daytime use and keeping your productivity high but Indica strains are more helpful when used to relax. Consuming the perfect strain is the difference in the lazy stoner and the productive over achieving ganja lovers.


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