Reasons to Celebrate Weed Appreciation Day


Not to be confused with next month’s 420 celebration on April 20, Weed Appreciation Day falls on Monday, March 28. Truly, there are so many reasons to appreciate marijuana. From its curative powers to the positive role it can play in our nation’s economy, cannabis can really benefit us all. On Weed Appreciation Day, take a moment to acknowledge how much good this one little plant can do.

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Medical Benefits
There’s a reason so many states in this country have legalized medical marijuana: the evidence is undeniable that cannabis can help those that are sick, ailing, and in pain. From PTSD to cancer, research demonstrates how effective weed can be at treating a wide range of diseases and conditions. For instance, the use of medicinal cannabis has been shown to help those suffering from:

And that only scratches the surface. In the years to come, as marijuana is legalized in more states and research continues, who knows what additional medical benefits will be uncovered.

Economic Impact
Currently, marijuana prohibition is costing the United States big bucks. At least $7.7 million dollars is spent on law enforcement efforts hunting down and prosecuting people for possession of marijuana. However, since states such as Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington have legalized weed, tax revenue has increased dramatically. Additionally, legalization opens the door to a variety of new industries, such as marijuana tourism. Legalized cannabis offers state and national economies innumerable opportunities for economic growth.

It’s Just Fun
From cooking with it to enjoying your favorite activities while using it, marijuana is a fun way to unwind and relax. Whether you’re binge watching your favorite TV series or enjoying a yoga class, marijuana is a much safer way to to cut loose than alcohol. While being a weed user once stereotyped a person as a stoner, that is no longer the case as parents, professionals, and people of all ages imbibe marijuana medically and recreationally.

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