Scared of Heights: What to Do if You Get Too High


Whether you’re a first time user or an expert smoker, getting too high can happen.  No need to panic; coming down off a high just takes a little patience.

Nowadays, the strength of cannabis is a bit much for the first time user. Strains are producing higher percentages of THC than ever before, due to the high demand of cannabis as medicine. We are learning about CBD’s, CBN’s and all other healing compounds found in cannabis, making it seem like a science project. Fortunately, it doesn’t take rocket science to come down off of a cannabis high that is making you feel a little low.

We have either been there, know someone who has been there or we will know someone soon enough, that has taken too much, too soon. That feeling of panic because you can’t feel your arms, let alone move them – and you want to move them, because you need to check your pulse.

We have felt the feeling of brains possibly melting and we swear we can hear the bubbles popping in our head, as we look around to see if anyone else heard that. We have even felt the rumbling in the tummy, the kind that wants to escape immediately and usually does and have thought, “Should I have eaten that?”

So, here is what to do if you get too high;

1. Don’t Panic, you are not the only one that has gotten overwhelmed by the effects of cannabis. No one has ever died from cannabis use.

 2. Relax, that might seem like overkill to the feeling you may already have, but you do not want to run around causing yourself more dizziness, panic or chaos. Pull up a seat, couch, chair, ground or whatever is comfortable.

3. Going outside to get some fresh air can help if you are in a crowded area. Get yourself some space, if you can bring a friend just to help you out and talk you down.

4. Try eating something. If you are feeling super fuzzy in the head and your body is starting to feel like it has lost its bone structure, eating something light and non-cannabis infused with some water can help.

5. The phrase, “have a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you” can actually come into play when feeling a bit too lifted. It might sound a little crazy, but strains that are known to be higher in CBD (cannabinoids) have a more medicinal effect on the body, bringing on more clarity and have a lesser psychoactive high, if any at all, in some strains. A little toke of some flower, a capsule, or an edible made with a high CBD strain can help bring you down.

It also helps to be aware of the types of strains that are out there, phenotype and effects. Depending on the crosses of their phenotype, different strains may affect individuals differently. Sometimes, if you smoke too much of a heavy Indica and you feel as though you can not move, taking something that is higher in Sativa can help lift you off your couch. If you feel as though your heart is going to fly out of your chest and you want to run and hide, smoke something that is higher in an Indica and that should take you down a peg or two and allow you to gather your senses to come up with a better plan. The big key to fighting the high with a high is to know what got you too high in the first place and counteract it.

6. Just go to sleep. Sleeping off a cannabis high will be some of the deepest sleep you could ever get and you may feel a little foggy in the wake up, but at least you are going to awake from your experience.

Being too high is a frightening time for the person going through it. Just remain calm and don’t panic. Breathe normally, relax, eat something, lay back and ride it out. Tomorrow is a new day. Be sure to pace yourself and recognize your tolerance levels, so you don’t get too high too often.

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