Three Positive Side Effects of Marijuana


Always a counterculture favorite, marijuana is seeing a fresh surge in positive press as people realize that it provides relief for many ailments. While research is ongoing as to all the potential medical uses cannabis may have, there are several well-known positive side effects of marijuana.

Relax with Marijuana GreenitoStress Relief

When daily life is running you down, sometimes stress gets overwhelming. Certain hybrid strains of cannabis are grown specifically to produce a calming effect. They can help you relax or unwind after a long day.  Cannabis can also be helpful for managing worry in an overactive mind and can be instrumental as a sleep aid during periods of insomnia. Introducing a bit of green into your evening ritual can become a few cherished moments of zen in an otherwise crazy day.

Pain Relief

Indica strains are noted for their ability to provide pain relief. Medical marijuana programs have helped thousands of patients dealing with seizure disorders, nerve problems and other chronic pain issues. It soothes areas of the brain that help manage nerve firings and inflammation in the body, providing moderate immediate relief to many types of pain.

Nausea and Appetite Management

Cancer and many of other serious illnesses can cause severe nausea and vomiting. One side effect of sativa-dominant strains of marijuana is appetite stimulation. For someone fighting a nauseating illness, a puff or two can help them muster a bit of desire to eat – and help them hold meals down.

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