An Experiential Comparison: Smoking and Vaping vs Edibles


In the dark ages of marijuana law, Smoking and Vaping vs Edibles was a quiet conversation among the experienced consumer. The main scientific reason for the distinction comes from the fact that vaping and smoking skips the digestive system. Because inhaling sends THC straight to the head, one knows approximately what to expect shortly after having had a small dose of smoke or vapors. “Lightweights” or new users might even enjoy the luxury of taking a hit, then passing and waiting to feel the impact of the first round. Consuming by smoking or vaping gives you the effects quite quickly.

With edibles, it’s a different story. No matter how methodical the chef might be about measurements, there is always a challenge in ensuring that the dosage or strength is consistent from bite to bite.

Now that the medical field is involved in concocting and distributing edible products, we can be sure of what to expect by the factual information on the package, right? Well, not quite. What studies have officially discovered is something veterans have known for a long time.

The challenge is that edible consumption has two major variables that affect the high a consumer has. The first is the amount of time it takes for the substance to go through the digestive system before having an effect. While some people report a very mild change in perception just after ingestion, this could be a sense memory trigger, or even a temporary placebo phenomenon, but make no mistake–what you have ingested will eventually work through you and do its job. The amount of time before the maximum effect (or “peak”) could be as long as 1-3 hours after ingesting!

The second variable is that it’s impossible to distribute the substance evenly throughout a given edible product. Ask any seasoned edible consumer and there is usually a bite that “kicks your ass” and you never know what bite that may be.  Moreover, even if you know the exact amount of marijuana used in preparation, the active chemical distribution seems to be inconstant. This means the potency will remain unpredictable until further developments in science. With experience you can start to gauge approximations but will probably face surprises now and again regarding how much or little you feel from a given product/portion.

What is widely and strongly recommended for newcomers to the edible experience is to start light (5-10mg does), be patient, and as always surround yourself with an environment that is friendly should the impact take you off-guard.

Just one more time, so we can feel like we did our part–when it comes to the edibles especially, enjoy thoughtfully by taking it slow and easy out there. Consider looking at the clock or talking to a trusted and experienced friend before reaching for another serving. Remember, you can always consume more but once you’ve had too much that can make for an unpleasant experience.

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