The Best TV to Watch While High


People are always looking for the best TV shows to watch while high. Thankfully, in the age of streaming online content, more niche cultures are catered to than ever, so there’s plenty to choose from. Here are four excellent choices.

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1. “Off The Air”

This late night Adult Swim show is in its fifth season now. The twelve-minute episodes utilizes surrealist editing to make a psychedelic video collage. Featuring music by stoner favorites like Atlas Sound, King Missile and the Books, this show is a must.

2. “Superjail!”

Superjail is a cartoon that needs to be seen to be believed. These graphically violent romps take absurd sci-fi premises and run with them well past their logical extremes. Starring David Wain, alumnus of MTV’s “The State”, this show almost only makes sense if you’re high. If nothing else, give it a shot for its excellent opening theme music, “Comin’ Home” by Cheeseburger.

3. “Regular Show”

Talk about sneaking one past the censors. Cartoon Network heroes Mordecai and Rigby seem to be constantly feeling the effects of cannabis—only those effects seem to be induced by such innocuous pleasures as hot chili peppers and chicken wings. Plus, this show is tailor-made for binge watching, so if you’re trying to have the kind of afternoon where you do nothing but smoke and watch tv, Regular Show is perfect.

4. “Cosmos”

Is there anything more fun when you’re high than pondering life’s great questions? And are there any great questions more fun to ponder than those of outer space? Whether you’re watching Carl Sagan in the 1980’s, or Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2014, this show is perfect for jumpstarting the kinds of conversations you love to have with your friends when you’re smoking.

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