The Perks of Marijuana Coffee


We’ve come a long way since the years of only enjoying marijuana in the form of a joint.

Between newer technologies like personal vaporizers, massage oils, and the ever-popular cannabutter, marijuana enthusiasts are able to find any number of ways to work cannabis into their lives in a method that suits their needs.

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Today? We’re exploring the wide and delicious world of marijuana coffee.

What is Marijuana Coffee?

Marijuana coffee is coffee which has been infused with oil from the cannabis plant. James Hull of Fairwinds, a huge player in the marijuana coffee business, explains the delicate process of adding cannabis oil to the coffee beans here:

To ensure proper extraction of the cannabis oil from the coffee grounds and to ensure solubility in the cup of coffee, we must first prepare the cannabis oil mixture prior to application. We add ingredients that allow the cannabis oil to become soluble with the water-based coffee.

What are the Benefits?

You’ve likely heard the term “wake and bake” — proponents of marijuana coffee find that a delicious cup of canna-joe is the best way to kick off their mornings. Users enjoy that they get the benefits of energy from coffee, but with the mellow and relaxed feeling from THC. There may also be promising research that caffeine and marijuana actually complement one another in fairly interesting ways.

Where Can I Find It?

As we said above, the world of marijuana commerce has positively exploded — and that means that finding a method of enjoying marijuana coffee is pretty simple. Check out suppliers like Jane’s Brew, makers of marijuana-infused coffee that work in coffee dispensers like Keurig as well as traditional French presses.

You can also experiment with making your own marijuana coffee. Some recipes call for brewing marijuana buds along with your grounds, just as you would a normal cup of coffee. If you have a hash supplier whose product you enjoy, we also like this recipe that makes use of that cannabis product. Those who are part of keto and Paleo will likely be familiar with bulletproof coffee, and, therefore, be pretty big fans of this cannabutter inspired recipe, while this recipe will help you infuse your cannabis in a way that’s more similar to what the pros do.


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