The Truth About Smoking Pot and Acne


Recently, marijuana’s positive effects have been a hot topic. Weed seems to be a cure or treatment for almost everything, but one question remains — does weed help acne?

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In short, marijuana can have multiple effects on skin. At the end of the day, it depends on who’s using it and in what ways.


Some strains of marijuana are anti-inflammatory. Since a great cause of acne discomfort stems from inflammation, marijuana use can help acne to some degree. Some uses of marijuana are less helpful than others, though.

One of the key factors in determining how weed effects the skin is actually how it’s ingested.  If you’re concerned about acne, opt for a bong or a vaporizer.  Dermatologists agree that smoking a joint is probably the least beneficial to skin health. (In fact, it can be detrimental.) In an interview with Huffington Post, dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka explained that smoking from a bong or vaporizer is preferable to smoking a joint.

According to Dr. Buka, joint smoke has the potential to do just as much damage as cigarette smoke would. When this harmful smoke envelops your face, its negative effects cancel out any good effects the marijuana could be providing.

Mental effects

For those that suffer from stress-induced acne, marijuana can provide relief based solely on its mental effects. Marijuana is known for its ability to increase a brain’s production of positive neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters make a user “feel better.” When pot relieves stress and induces “happiness,” it has potential to relieve the acne that may have occurred due to stress.

At the same time, some strains of marijuana can cause strange cravings or a heightened appetite in its users. If smoking pot is causing a person to eat unhealthily, acne could get worse. This wouldn’t be because of the weed itself. It would be because of the user’s poor diet choices.


At the end of the day, one shouldn’t depend solely on marijuana usage to solve acne problems. While a positive outcome may occur, pot’s effects vary for each user.


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