Things You Should Know About Edibles


If you are a first time user, there are a few things you should know about edibles before taking the plunge and a bite into that laced brownie bar. Edibles represent an incredible array of tastes, potencies, and forms, and it’s important to know the facts before deciding on this administration route.

Edibles are far more powerful than smoking or vaping

Marijuana is up to 80% bioavailable when consumed orally, as opposed to 10-15% bioavailable when smoked. The buzz you get from consuming marijuana edibles is both stronger and lasts a lot longer than the buzz you get from smoking. For this reason, edibles are a fantastic way to conserve bud when prepared carefully by an experienced user.

That being said…make sure you know what you’re doing.

Because improperly made edibles just waste weed. The most important thing to remember when making edibles is that THC is fat-soluble and needs to be in some sort of fat base in order to be accessible to the body. The easiest way to do this is by distilling it in some kind of oil. I personally like to mix it with a little bit of nutella, spread between graham crackers, and let it bake at about 320 degrees for 10 minutes. There are other edibles you can make that probably taste better, but these are easiest for a layman to make. When in doubt, there are tons of guides online for how to use your bud to make edibles without wasting any.

They Take Time to Kick in

This one sort of goes with the first point. Although weed is far more bioavailable in a properly made edible, getting that high can take a while, and when it kicks in, it can come on suddenly. If you just ate half a weed cookie twenty minutes ago and aren’t feeling it yet, resist the urge to grab for more. Wait at least an hour–and preferably two–between doses to decide how you’re feeling. This lessens the chance that you’ll push yourself over the edge of an enjoyable high to an unpleasant experience.

Start Small

This one goes with the above point. If you are naive to marijuana use, start small. If you can, buy from a dispensary who can point you toward the best dosages for your tolerance and body size. Some edibles should never be taken by first time users. Sure, marijuana can never kill you, no matter how much of it you take, but overdoses can still be unpleasant. Make sure you pay close attention to your body, and it’s best to have a friend around for the first time.

Have fun!

All of this shouldn’t scare you off the thought of using edible marijuana. It’s an amazing way to let loose, and one of the most thrifty ways of using your bud. You can use marijuana in all sorts of edible masterpieces, and the creativity involved can be almost endless. Be sensible, make sure what you’re having is tasty, and above all, have fun!


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