A First-Timer’s Guide to Marijuana Edibles


There are a variety of ways to consume marijuana, from smoking to eating to various topical treatments such as oils. Marijuana-infused foods, known as edibles, are a good way to consume cannabis without inhaling smoke into your lungs. If it’s you’re first time, there are a few things you should know about edibles before you get started.

“Eating 10 – 25 milligrams of THC will make your muscles relax, and waves of bliss will blanket your body. Giggling and silliness are common. You will feel relaxed and cozy, and get the best “super sleep” of your life. The high can last from four to six hours, or longer with higher doses. Keep in mind that everyone’s metabolism is different, and your weight and fitness will play a role in how your body reacts to edible pot foods. Pain patients seeking to replace pharmaceuticals can grow to tolerate daily doses of THC in the hundreds of milligrams.”-Elise McDonough, High Times

Patience. Unlike smoking, edibles have to be metabolized by your body before they take effect. After you eat them, it can take an hour or two for your body to digest them and for the cannabis to be processed and enter your bloodstream. Don’t worry if you don’t feel the effects right away.

Stronger than smoke. Although edibles take longer to hit your system, they are much more potent when they do hit. They are also made with very concentrated marijuana products, which means that it’s easy to eat too much of it. For your first time with edibles, err on the side of caution and have too little instead of too much.

Difficult to calibrate. This is caused by a combination of the first two factors: the high can take a long time to hit and it can be much stronger than expected especially with homemade edibles. Thankfully, the edibles you can find in your dispensary or collective can be measured and often dosed more accurately.

Body-focused. Because edibles are metabolized with food, they are incredibly helpful for people struggling with medical conditions, and are particularly good at treating nausea, lack of appetite, and pain.

Overall, edibles are an effective—and delicious—way to imbibe marijuana, but they require a different approach than smoking. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll do just fine.

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