Three Most Common Medical Marijuana Uses


While recreational marijuana legalization in places like Washington and Colorado is still going strong, it’s much more common (as least at time of writing toward the beginning of 2016) for states to have medical marijuana legalization. In fact, more than a dozen states have medical marijuana laws in place, and those laws are consistently being passed in more places. One of the reasons that’s the case is that when marijuana is treated as a medicine, and a lower-cost medicine at that, residents are more likely to keep it on the table as an option. But what are the conditions marijuana is being prescribed for?

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Well, according to Leaf Science, weed is being prescribed for some conditions you’d expect, and some you wouldn’t.

The 3 Most Common Uses For Medical Marijuana

Use #1: Chronic Pain

This is the most common condition people think of when they hear someone has been given a medical marijuana prescription. We all know that weed is a natural painkiller, and that it is both less expensive, and less addictive, than opioid drugs.

Use #2: Insomnia

With 24.9 percent reported on the survey, insomnia isn’t a condition most people think of for marijuana to treat. However, it induces restful states in many users, and once again has a much lower addiction and cost when compared to most prescription sleep aids.

Use #3: Stress and Anxiety

Holding third and fourth place on the study are the separate, but related, conditions of stress and anxiety. Marijuana has been shown to reduce the effects of these conditions on those who suffer from them, and while it might not be the ideal solution for all sufferers, it is an option that can be useful for those who suffer extremely negative side effects from other prescription medications, or for whom traditional medications have little to no effect.

There are a slew of other conditions that medical marijuana is being prescribed for, and new research is shedding light on its further uses every day. But for those who think it’s only for people with glaucoma and arthritis, there’s a much broader universe of illnesses that marijuana can help combat.


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