Tips for a First Time Marijuana User


People turn to cannabis for many reasons, from the medically necessary to some recreational fun or relaxation. If you are new to using marijuana or are thinking about trying it in a different form or to help with a new pain or illness, there are a few things you should know and be aware of.

Not everyone is the same.

This is a big one. People have different body chemistry and tolerance levels that effect how they metabolize anything they put into their bodies. And even genetics, race, and gender all play a factor in how you will react to pot. This is the same with other prescription drugs, and your tolerance should be tested and explored before using marijuana.

Check your weed.

People who have compromised immunity or other health problems that can weaken organ systems need to be sure that the marijuana they choose to use or are prescribed is pure and free of contaminants. Dispensaries are required by law to test for pesticides, mildew, and heavy metals, but it still never hurts to ask about their processes.

When it comes to consumption, you have a lot of choices.

Just stop into your local dispensary, and you will be bombarded with the number of ways that you can use marijuana. Different ways work for different people. Things like smoking and vaporizing marijuana can have very different effects than ingesting your weed in edible forms like foods, drinks, and candy. The effects, especially with edibles, can be varied and time-delayed, which means you should always take it slow and wait at least an hour after ingesting a small amount to decide if you want more. And that doesn’t even take into account the different strains that are available, which takes us to…

You have even more choices when it comes to strain.

There are many strains of marijuana, and the difference is usually the balance of cannabinoids in each strain. The most familiar of the cannibinoids is THC, probably because that is the compound in marijuana that produces a high. The other compound that most consumers are concerned with is CBD. CBD counteracts the effects of THC and is also known for its use in treating pain, seizures and spasms. Both of these compounds have purposes in medical treatment, as well as relaxation and achieving a high. Keep in mind that, even if you’re buying the same strain on a regular basis, the intensity and balance of the cannibinoids with still vary from batch to batch and dispensary to dispensary. Proceeding slowly is always advised. And make sure to follow suggested storage instructions to maintain quality.

Get the right dose.

Once you have selected your strain of choice and the way you will choose to consume it, you should still be paying close attention to dose. Maybe your physician has prescribed a specific amount to start with, but even for recreational use, you’ll want to err on the side of a smaller amount and ease up to larger doses slowly. Just like any chemical or drug, more doesn’t mean better. Ask anyone who has ever had way too much wine.

By keeping all of these things in mind and proceeding slowly with your new marijuana product, you will probably find the experience pleasurable, relaxing, and most likely rewarding.

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