Marijuana is a Proven Winner in the Debate on Tobacco vs Weed


In the ongoing debate regarding tobacco vs weed, a new study finds that marijuana is definitely a better way to go. Scientists approached this by using the MOE or margin of exposure comparison method to determine how different substances affect people long-term. They did this by using the ratio between the dose in each that would characterize adverse effects and the amount that people typically use.

Greenito Learn About Weed Overdose StatisticsSurprisingly, alcohol was worst for negative health results and marijuana on the other hand, was the least risky. Nicotine, which comes from the tobacco plant, wasn’t quite as bad as drinking but, long-term use was still considered high-risk. Weed sat way at the other end of the spectrum, confirming what researchers have always stated: it is consistently the safest recreational drug by far. But with any substance, moderation is still the key.

These test results also showed that weed poses around 114 times less of a problem than the most serious of these substances. For this reason, the authors of this study suggest that low-risk drugs like marijuana should have regulation rather than prohibition and, more focus should probably be on how better to manage alcohol and tobacco. This is why marijuana is no longer considered quite the taboo subject that it once was because with more research being done, this helps prove its safety and, versatility.

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