Toking and TV: The Best Shows and Strain Pairings


It’s understood that people have their favorite strains along with their favorite shows. After a tough day, it’s nice to zone out with some mindless comedy. Other nights, you might want to revisit a classic episode from a beloved series or maybe you’re injured and you want to relieve some pain without zoning out and becoming lost in the show. The pairings that follow are suggestions for TV shows to watch while high.

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1. $100 OG and Family Guy. This is a natural pairing. The intensity of OG can inspire some blissfully confusing moments. The random, hilarious non sequiturs sprinkled throughout Family Guy allow you to laugh…even if you get a little lost.

2. 1024 and the Brady Bunch. This sativa is a fine pairing with pretty much any classic television show. Like the OG, 1024 can get a little heady so it’s good to go with something you know. That way, if you get a little sidetracked from the high, the fact that you’ve seen the show before lets you get back on track. In fact, any of the classics will work: Welcome Back Kotter, Good Times or Barney Miller.

3. 3 Kings and Trailer Park Boys. The alert high that comes with this hybrid blends nicely with Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s three kings, Randy, Julian and Bubbles. Sit deep in your favorite chair and relax while you follow the ridiculous schemes of the three hilarious anti-heroes.

4. 3 X Crazy and the X-Files. This tasty strain comes on strong and then melts into a full-body sedation. By the time you are nice and mellow you are as enveloped in this classic sci-fi series as you are the delicious strain.

5. ACDC and House of Cards. This strain is all about body relief so you can follow this intense drama without getting lost. If you’re recuperating from an injury, enjoy this healing strain as Frank Underwood’s saga unfolds.


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