Top 3 Uses of Marijuana Topicals


Marijuana is traditionally thought of as something to be smoked or maybe eaten, but another option available and growing in popularity is as a topical, which means it’s applied directly onto the skin.

What are marijuana topicals?  If it’s marijuana infused and can be rubbed into the skin, consider it a topical; it includes any marijuana infused alcohol rubs, lotions, lubricants, balms, oils or sprays.  Topicals are easy to use and are a quick way to absorb CBD – the non psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.  It is absorbed into the skin and is especially ideal for many medical pain-related purposes.

Anyone needing relief from both minor and serious medical conditions can benefit from marijuana topicals, especially those who haven’t been able to get satisfaction from more conventional medicine.  Topicals offer a non-addictive form of pain relief.

Some examples of medical issues and potential treatment include:

Pain and inflammation

If you are suffering from the pain and joint inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, application of a soothing topical onto those areas can ease discomfort and promote circulation.  In fact, many types of chronic pain including diabetic neuropathy have shown improvement.

Skin problems

Eczema, psoriasis, rashes and burns can all be treated with topicals that sooth, calm and nourish skin cells.  Even wounds and bruises have been shown to heal faster. (Of course, we recommend caution when using around open wounds.)

Muscle injuries

Sports injuries, back pain, muscle soreness and tension can benefit from topicals that penetrate deep into the muscle.  They’re a great addition for all types of massage therapy.

There are many advantages of using marijuana topicals.  They provide fast relief and are easy to use.  Also important is that they do not produce the “high” most associate with marijuana.  They simply work at the site where they’re applied without an effect on the brain and as treatment improves a patient’s quality of life, it may also lesson a dependence on stronger pain medication.

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