Uncoding the Lingo: What is Cannabis Wax?


Marijuana today is stronger than the marijuana of our parent’s generation. Weed of the 70’s was “dirt” and “brick” quality. It was low quality and you could buy it for cheap – in large amounts or “bricks”.

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This generation’s overwhelming amount of ways to smoke and ingest marijuana-filled foods is putting “old-school” weed to shame. We provide with the ability to customize everything the strains – from the texture and color and down to the chemical structure of the weed.  Marijuana plants have the THC extracted from them using various method and chemicals. The extracted THC is then made into types of concentrated marijuana. The type of concentrate can give you hints about its strength and taste.

Most concentrates are still in the beginning stages of development. The industry, being in its infancy, is finally able to grow. This is because of the loosening of restrictions in many U.S. states. This is a lot of information and can seem daunting. But Greenito is going to help you answer the question that so many are now wondering, “What is cannabis wax?”

Dabs! We’ve all heard about them and the name is well-suited for this potent product. Dabs are a type of concentrated cannabis wax – the most concentrated. All concentrates are more potent than regular flower marijuana – “bud”. Smoking the entire plant – including stems and other plant matter that does not get you high – harms lungs.

THC is the chemical in weed that gives you the “high” feeling. Methods of obtaining the THC from the plant include using butane hash oil (BHO) or carbon dioxide. The resulting wax is often stable and sappy in texture. It is amber-colored if it is in high concentration and pieces snap off in room temperature. If you are able to snap off a piece of the product it is “shatter”. It will have glass-like qualities from being so pure. In low concentrations it will be darker because the remaining BHO or carbon dioxide was not purged out of it. Dabs smoked out of a vaporizer or a bong will give you the strongest, fastest hitting high.

Other types of concentrates?

Extraction methods used to make THC into other types of waxes are common. “Earwax” is the name given to this alternative type of wax. It earned the nickname because of its yellow color and much more waxy appearance. It is common for this wax to have a lower THC percentage than most of the dabs.

When dabbing it’s important to remember that the product is much more potent than your average hit from a joint – so take it easy! But if you’re looking for a place to start, check out these deals. 


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