Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Better?


To vape or not to vape, that is becoming a big question in the world of cannabis. Ask any consumer and you’ll surely get a lot of passionate opinions. Your consumption method is a personal preference, but if  you’re wondering what the pros and cons of each are, keep reading.


Greenito Find Marijuana VaporizersVaping is well known for its ability to stretch a small amount of marijuana into a seemingly endless amount of weed, all without making your house, your apartment, or you smell like you’ve been smoking. There are several different types of vaporizers which can let you use flower or concentrates.  Vaping involves using a device, cleverly called a vaporizer, to heat your bud or concentrate up to the point that the THC boils off into a cloud of vapor, which you then inhale into your lungs. When done right, the buzz from vaping can be equal or greater to that of smoking. Many love vaping because it is such a discrete way of consuming your cannabis.

The main drawback to vaping is that it requires special tools. There are a few sketchy stories of people vaping out of items like lightbulbs or tinfoil, but we do not recommend that. It’s definitely not safe. In order to produce a good vape without any harmful chemicals or accidentally combusting your weed, you really need a vaporizer, and vaporizers can be fairly expensive as compared to rolling a joint or smoking out of a bowl.  They also require that you clean them and charge the batteries regularly in order to remain operational, and certain kinds can pose a fire risk if not monitored. Don’t worry, there are disposable vaporizers that can be a great way to try out vaping before shelling out some more money on a more sophisticated system.


Greenito Find Marijuana Glass PipesSmoking is the tried-and-true method of most marijuana users. There are a few different ways you can smoke your weed. From rolling up your bud into a thin cigarette called a joint with rolling papers, or packing it into a bowl. Simply  light, and consume by breathing in the resulting smoke. Smoking is quick, easy, and requires little in the way of tools or preparation, which makes it appealing to anyone that doesn’t want to mess around with a vape or other consumption methods.

The main downsides are twofold: Compared to vaping it you go through a lot more weed, and it’s much less discrete. Plus when you smoke, there is the smell of  marijuana to deal with as well. There’s no quicker way to stink up your house or yourself than by smoking some marijuana. Although some like the smell, just about everyone these days knows what produces the odor, which is going to make it hard to hide. Smoking also on average takes 3-4 times the amount of material for the same high.

Whatever method you choose, remember, consume your cannabis responsibly and only where legally permissible.

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