Weed and Yoga: Is “Stoned Yoga” a Rising Trend?


We’ve all heard of hot yoga, but what about stoned yoga? It turns out, toking up before you stretch it out can have some serious benefits.

Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind after smoking weed, unless the 20 steps to the refrigerator for some munchies counts as exercise. Certainly nothing like the bending, twisting, and stretching associated with yoga – the only stretching going on is probably the waistband on your pants after several of those trips to the fridge.

Yoga and Marijuana GreenitoBelieve it or not, marijuana and yoga are teaming up to present you with an excellent alternative to traditional exercise. Really, it’s quite a stroke of genius.

“Ganja Yoga”, “420 Remedy Yoga” or whatever you want to call it is an enhanced version of yoga that embraces weed for its abilities to improve the meditation process. Kriya Yoga master Swami Satyananda Saraswati points out the similarities between marijuana and yoga:

“By infusing ganja or some hallucinogenic drug, the chemical properties of the gross body change. The heart slows down, the breathing rate changes, the brain waves alter and the mind becomes calm and still.

It stands to reason that if both yoga and marijuana bring our bodies to this state of calmness, combining the two would bring one to an all-new state of relaxation and meditation. Yoga leaders in other countries have long ago adopted the use of cannabis in yoga, stating that its sedative qualities allow one to focus more on the mind.

Both Canada and the U.S. are beginning to follow in these ancient footsteps, and stoned yoga is driving a new crowd to join all the yogis out there. The use of marijuana also enables those who cannot normally practice yoga because of physical ailments to join the fun; people afflicted with chronic pain may find that the marijuana takes the edge off enough to do the yoga poses.

Have you tried out stoned yoga? Tell us about your experience.

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