Weed in Washington: Taking the High Road


Once the place where people flocked for grunge music, Starbucks, and jobs at Microsoft, Washington’s choice to take the high road has turned it into a pot-lover’s paradise. Before you travel to the Evergreen State, you should have an understanding of the history and laws concerning weed in Washington.


Prior to 1998, no form of marijuana was legal in Washington. From 1998 to 2008, those with a prescription could buy medical marijuana from a dispensary. The process was heavily restricted until the state loosened its laws in 2008, but the legal ownership of marijuana was still limited to medical use only.

In 2012, Washington citizens voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, becoming only the second state to do so. Two years later, the law was enacted, and licensed retailers were able to legally sell recreational marijuana. 

Current Regulations, Laws, and Limits

Washington State’s Initiative 502 (I-502) governs the rules for buying, possessing and consuming weed in Washington. Similar to other places where cannabis is legal, you may only buy pot, accompanying paraphernalia, and edibles in licensed retail dispensaries, and use is restricted to those over the age of 21. Cannabis consumption is limited to private property; public use is prohibited. It is legal to carry paraphernalia and one ounce of marijuana. Additionally, you may have no more than 16 ounces of edibles and 72 ounces of liquid marijuana-infused products.

And remember, the possession of marijuana is still illegal federally, so taking pot outside of state borders is a federal offense.

The High Road

The legalization of weed in Washington has opened the door for all kinds of pot tourism.  Process travel involves visiting pot farms and dispensaries. It also involves traveling to marijuana friendly places. Consider taking a Grow Operation Tour with Sky High Gardens to see how the “sausage” is made, or check out local dispensaries in the area for a little shopping.

Or you can simply enjoy the high life; traveling to tourist spots is even better when you’re stoned. Engage your senses with a visit to Pikes Place Market or consider heightening your high by heading to Space Needle or hiking on Mt. Saint Helens.

Legal marijuana is still relatively new to Washington, but they’re at the forefront of cannabis legislation across the nation.


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