What Are Moonrocks?


In this forever growing world of cannabis, we’ve found ways to make cannabis stronger and stronger.  Moonrocks can maximize your high; you might even consider getting your moon boots out.

Concentrates are currently all the rage, with many people looking for stronger medicine or a higher high. One can find honey oils, water hashes and dry sift, all to make their cannabis more potent.  People are creating more ways to stretch their stash or have a blast, by combining the different forms of cannabis together.

There are simple ways to up your cannabis high, like sprinkling some bubble hash on a freshly loaded bowl, melting some honey oil over it or maybe even adding some dry sift for a little extra punch. There are methods, like cannabis caviar, that take a longer curing process, but what something for the here and now?

Moonrocks are made using a simple method and allows one to enjoy the fruit of their labor instantly, unlike its fancier cousin, caviar. You will need dried cured buds, honey oil and dry sift. Take your cured buds and coat them with your chosen honey oil. Use BHO or alcohol extracted honey oil and for those that want a solvent-less, chemical free high, try coating your bud with honey oil, made from using the Rosin Tech method.

After coating your buds with your oil, take them and place them in a jar that contains dry sift (keif) and gently shake around until the oil covered buds get coated with a nice layer of crystals. Dry sift is the result of taking dry cured buds and gently rubbing them over a fine screen and detaching the crystals from the plant, without the use water or any solvent. The result is a powdery pile of white to light green trichomes, that can be smoked alone or added to your cannabis.

Once your buds are drizzled and sugared, enjoy smoking away.

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