Memory, the Brain, and Marijuana: What Are the Longterm Effects of Weed?


Marijuana has turned into a hot topic as the United States moves towards a new future with the illegal substance. Legislation across the country is under review and policy being rewritten to accommodate to the growing demand by medical and non-medical cannabis patients.

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Many Americans have concluded that the war on drugs has become a detriment to society rather than actually helping. For that reason alone, the fight to end the unruly prohibition has begun. As states like Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington benefit off the complete legalization of recreational use financially the rest of the country waits for a federal declaration to pass through congress.

We are on the verge of marijuana boom and the studies and facts are becoming imperative in this discussion. Many studies have concluded that the overall effects of marijuana are less significant as those of top drugs distributed by pharmaceutical companies who aim to relieve similar symptoms. The most common misconception is the effect of the polarizing plant on the human brain.

Like cigarettes, it is not recommended that pregnant women smoke, as the effects of smoke on the fetus is unknown. THC found in cannabis is the culprit for the memory loss, the substance alters how the brain receives information making it difficult to retain while under the influence, however, there are is not any conclusive evidence about the effect on users’ long term memory.

As the studies began rolling out and people start to understand the positive effects of marijuana, it is certain that you will see information that goes against the truth of the substance.  Marijuana, like alcohol, is a controlled substance, and should be treated with similar risks Рand rewards.


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