Will You Vote For Private Marijuana Social Clubs?


You might get to if you’re a Denver, Colorado resident.  Yesterday, the Denver chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) submitted a single-page summary for an initiative to the city council that would legalize marijuana clubs and special events. If the initiative is approved for petition and receives enough signatures, Mile High City residents will see the proposed legislation on the ballot in November.

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“Denver residents and visitors alike need places other than private homes to legally and responsibly enjoy legal marijuana with other adults,” said Jordan Person, executive director of Denver NORML.

Now that the initiative has been submitted to the Denver city council, NORML will await feedback from the governing body so they can finalize language and begin petitioning to have this measure added to the November ballot.

However, a council attorney commented that for a formal review process of the initiative to begin, Denver NORML still must file a draft of its actual proposed ordinance language.

So what would this initiative mean if it were to pass in November elections? “The city will be able to license and regulate private marijuana clubs and special events to ensure public health and safety,” Person shared. “But we want to be sure that the regulations are reasonable and consumer-friendly.”

Furthermore, this initiative would allow those 21+ years old to visit licensed marijuana social clubs as well as attend events where cannabis could be legally consumed.

“We expect there will be a wide range of clubs to serve Denver’s huge and diverse marijuana market,” the Denver NORML executive director stated. “What can’t continue is the current situation that leaves so many people frustrated, angry, and tempted to violate the law so they can enjoy a legal product.”

If this initiative were to be approved by voters later this year, Denver’s economy would continue to see the positive effects of the legal marijuana industry. Investors and businesspeople alike would view the new legislation as a financial opportunity that would benefit the local community while offering safe havens for 420 travelers visiting the Amsterdam of America. Only time will tell whether Denver NORML’s initiative will make it on to the November ballot.

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