Green Across the Globe: What Countries Have Legal Marijuana?


Learning about the legal marijuana marketplace may seem daunting at first. With frequent law changes and regulations, it is difficult to keep up with the shifting world of weed. We’re simplifying the question, “Where in the world is weed legal?” Whether you’re a world traveler looking for a weekend getaway, a global-minded individual, or just curious, this list showcases places across the world where weed is legal for recreational use.

Legal Without Limits

Though the recreational use of weed is legal in many countries, including parts of the U.S.A, only a few place little-to-no limits on the amount of weed you consume, grow or possess. For example, Bangladesh has no law specifically addressing marijuana regulation. In Uruguay, weed is legal to possess, sell, cultivate and transport.

But the most surprising country on the green light list is definitely one you didn’t see coming: North Korea! Though the details seem hazy at best, there is currently no formal criminal or legal prosecution for using weed.

Legal But With Limits  

There are some countries that regulate weed by the amount individuals can possess, grow or sell. Stay aware of what these limits are if you’re planning on indulging abroad, or else you might end up in a sticky situation.

In Germany, the laws are pretty loose; people caught with weed have it confiscated, but there will be no prosecution. And if you’re traveling the Netherlands, make sure you know where you are–weed is legal in Amsterdam, but in all other areas, weed is only decriminalized and police can confiscate it.

In Belgium, marijuana is legal if you possess under five grams, and you aren’t permitted to smoke in public. In Peru, these numbers increase. You can have up to eight grams, with no usage restrictions. We think the most impressive place for legalization is Portugal, where weed is generously legal up to 25 grams.

And a final unique addition to the yellow list is Brazil, where marijuana usage is punishable only by drug treatment and fines. Brazil is praised by many for implementing a more modern drug policy, treating addictions as illnesses and working to avoid those extremes in its people.

Decriminalized or Small Fines 

No matter where you travel, you need to understand the specific policies each country has for marijuana, because the penalties change drastically. The red light list pinpoints a few places where weed comes with consequences. even if it isn’t illegal in the traditional sense.

Some countries have decriminalized weed, which means incidents of using, growing or selling it are treated as minor offenses with no jail time or lasting criminal record. Colombia has decriminalized weed under 20 grams, and in Ecuador weed is decriminalized for up to 10 grams.

Countries that have completely decriminalized weed with no restrictions on amount include the Czech Republic and Italy, so you might want to make these two the first stops on your red light vacation.

Please remember, laws are constantly changing so while we try to keep this up to date, you should always check with the local authorities before consuming cannabis.

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