What is a Spliff?


With the rapid-growing popularity of marijuana, the lingo is becoming more accepted and commonplace. Many people are left confused with some of the terminology that is used. While some terms are more mainstream and recognizable, “spliff” isn’t mentioned very often in the United States.

Joints and Blunts

To understand a spliff, it’s important to know the difference between joints and blunts. Joints are made up of just marijuana and thin paper, where as blunts are made up of cigar wraps and marijuana. The cigar wraps have tobacco pressed on the inside of the wrap itself, typically giving a very strong tobacco taste. Blunt wraps can often have a very stale, strong taste due to being stored with pressed tobacco.

So What’s a Spliff?

A spliff is a roll made up of both tobacco and marijuana. The shape is similar to that of a cigarette or a joint, straight and typically thinner than a blunt or cigar. Typically spliffs use the same paper as joints, although sometimes a slightly tougher paper is used. Spliffs are essentially a hybrid of joints and blunts.

In Europe, spliffs are very popular. Europeans see joints as being wasteful; however that opinion is slowly changing as marijuana becomes more readily available. In the United States, joints tend to be more popular due to the health risks commonly associated with tobacco use.

What is a Spliff?

Spliffs have loose tobacco packed in along with the marijuana. The tobacco isn’t pressed in and stored like blunts, so spliffs often have less of a tobacco taste than blunts. Of course, this also
depends on how much tobacco is used in the spliff. Generally, spliffs will taste more like marijuana than tobacco. It comes down to the person rolling the spliff and how they decide to divide up the marijuana and tobacco. People will often put a filter, sometimes called a “crutch”, at the end of a spliff in order to help filter some of the tobacco taste.

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