What is Cannabis Caviar?


There are many ways to indulge in your cannabis. Growing in popularity is cannabis caviar – a fantastic high with a fancy name.

There are many ways to indulge in your cannabis.  You can smoke or vaporize your flower straight. Some like to sprinkle some bubble hash over their loaded bowls and get “sand blasted”. While others, may melt some B.H.O. (butane extracted honey oil) over the top to give them a little extra gooey, sweetness to indulge the taste-buds and the mind.  

The imagination runs wild when it comes to all the ways that cannabis mixes together to create different effects, flavors and smoothness. Ways vary from the instant gratification of pain relief found in concentrates, such as Honey oil, hash, RSO and BHO, to enjoying flowers that have been carefully grown and cured. So, why not mix the best of both worlds and make a real treat for the Cannabis Connoisseur? Created from this combination is cannabis caviar.

“What is cannabis caviar?” you might ask. Patients that need an extra strength way to deal with pain, or anyone who wants to get a higher lift would benefit from this process.

You need some patience for this process because it is not going to happen overnight, but you can make your own cannabis caviar.

Cannabis flowers soak in honey oil concentrate (BHO) until buds are thoroughly coated. Allow honey oil to absorb into the buds completely, this time can vary depending on how coated you got your buds. Once all your buds have soaked up the oil, you then store them in a cool dry place and wait for them to dry. This part can take up to a few weeks, depending on the cure you want.

Time and patience are part of what makes caviar so special. Upon tasting, it is known to have a rough flavor, really thick, dense smoke and its effects are out of this world. Cannabis caviar’s fancy name can come with a fancy price tag as well. Since this indulgence takes time, patience and a lot of product to produce, be prepared to splurge a little, indulging in this highly effective treat.

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