What is Hash and How Does it Compare to Weed?


Hash is a more potent way of enjoying cannabis. Think of it as a ‘concentrated’ form of the bud we all enjoy. It is great for aches and pains and restful sleep, as well as nausea.

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Hash comes from the resin glands of the cannabis plant. If you have ever run your hands over a large, mature marijuana plant then you are familiar with the stickiness it produces on your hands. That is the resin used to produce the hash. Indeed, that is likely the way it was first harvested in west Asia centuries ago. They would scrape the resin from their hands and roll them into cakes and smoke them.

The resins are known as trichomes, and they look like tiny, sparkling, crystals. You may have seen this on some high-grade marijuana before.

Modern day processing involves ‘beating’ marijuana plants to harvest the trichomes. This process creates a powdery substance known as ‘kief’ and is often compressed into blocks and prepared for market. Another method uses icy water to separate the trichomes from the green, leafy material, producing what is known as bubble hash.

The THC content of hash is significantly higher than that of weed. Thus, its popularity for pain management, nausea, and restful sleep. The THC content can range between 20%-60%. Compare that with high-grade weed offering 20% THC content. This means that you don’t have to smoke as much hash as you do weed to get the desired effect. It is notable that hash is illegal in the US and in many countries. The average cost for a gram of hash in the US is $30.00. A gram usually lasts for approximately three to five days, depending on usage.

Pure, fresh hash is safe, but some modern-day processors are adding harmful adulterants in the manufacturing process. You should always use a reputable source who is aware of the origin and processing methods used of the products they sale.


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