What is Keif?


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When you really sit down and take a look at a marijuana plant, it’s kind of a remarkable thing. While some plant leaves are covered in tiny hairs and others are jagged or spiked, marijuana leaves are covered in tiny, sticky crystals. These crystals are kind of magical, too: They contain the highest concentration of THC cannaboids, which propel the psychoactive, relaxant, and pain relief effects associated with marijuana use. And they have a specific name: KIEF (sometimes spelled like “keef” or “keif”).

Since kief is the “richest” part of the marijuana plant, one of the most effective ways for casual smokers to isolate it is to use a grinder. Grinders are small metal devices that separate the resin-like crystals from the leaves, and actually keep the shredded leaves in a different compartment from the kief. This allows smokers to smoke the leaves and sprinkle the kief on blunts, joints, and in the bowls of smoking devices.

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One important thing to remember when you’re using marijuana is that breaking up the leaves with your fingers can actually result in the loss of some kief. The crystals tend to stick to the oils in your fingers! If you’re a person who favors smoking marijuana, purchasing a grinder is an easy way to get your money’s worth and ensure an even better high.

If you don’t want to do the grinding yourself, many dispensaries now sell extracted kief. If you’re buying kief, it’s important to understand that pure kief really is crystal-like, and therefore should be lighter in color, more white-ish or cream colored than green. If you’re purchasing very green kief, that often means that it still contains a good bit of leaves. Don’t forget to find great deals at dispensaries near you!


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