Higher Standards: What Makes a Good Dispensary


If you’re new to legal marijuana, knowing what makes a good dispensary can make all the difference.

I have been a medical cannabis patient for over 6 years and going into dispensaries was part of the adventure of finding good medicine and different options to medicate. I have been to both good and bad dispensaries in those 6 years and I know what I would consider a good one. My adventures only keys in on medical dispensaries, but I do believe that the recreational stores that are beginning to open, should follow under some of the same guidelines. I can give a few points from a patient’s view on what makes a good dispensary.

Where am I going?

Location, signage and easy access to the location are a good start. Now, I know this is only in a perfect world, with dispensaries popping up on every street corner where it is medically legal, but some may be a little more difficult to locate or to find parking at.

Overwhelmed? Let me help you.

Upon entering a dispensary it is nice to be greeted by knowledgeable, friendly staff. This is includes staff members that are compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable about what you could use for your treatment with cannabis. The budtender should be able to help you with what kind of cannabis product you should use for whatever ailment that you have come in for.  Assisting you with whether or not you should indulge in smoking of flowers, vaporizing, edibles, topical or oils for whatever you may desire for your form of treatment, as well as advice on potency.

Variety is the spice in life.

The dispensary should have a wide variety of products that you can choose from. Flowers should be clean, tested, clearly marked and stored properly, with a wide variety of sativa, indica and hybrids to choose from. The budtender should be able to inform you of the many strains they have in stock and the effects of each, where they came from and how they were grown. Testing of these products should allow to you see if there is anything in your medicine that you do not wish to ingest.

Variety is one of the great things about using cannabis as medicine and everyone will have a different want or like. A dispensary with an array of assorted items other than flowers can cater to more than just the smoker. Many patients enjoy taking their cannabis internally, so having edibles, tinctures, capsules and medicinal oils, such as RSO, are a plus when browsing a cannabis dispensary. Edibles and other ingestible items should be properly packaged with the ingredients, dosage and a best by date.

Topical lotions can sometimes be found in your local dispensary and these work perfect on the spot external treatment of pain. These of course should be packaged, marked and ingredients should be visible to the patient.

Going to a dispensary can be a scary thing for those of us that are new to using cannabis as medicine and even for those of us that have been medicating for years. It is a new feeling to be able to go down to the corner and actually purchase cannabis from a storefront. Having a safe, knowledgeable place to go, to that is prepared to assist you and make you as comfortable as they can, is the best feeling in the world because you can take control of your health in a way we were never allowed.

Hopefully, when you decide to go out there in the public looking for a dispensary, you happen upon some great staff with lots of knowledgeable that will help you on your adventure of using cannabis as medicine.

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