The New Frontier: What’s it Like to Buy Recreational Marijuana?


From out of the shadows, the process of procuring legal marijuana is still shrouded in mystery.  But now that it’s legal, what’s it actually like to buy recreational marijuana?

For anyone who took a leap of faith to acquire marijuana in America before the days of the weed legalization, it was an exercise in courage and careful judgement; it was after all illegal. Our contention is that people-in-the-know have for decades been aware of marijuana’s numerous uses in medical applications, therapeutic potential and positive, uplifting recreational enhancement. Cannabis, known by many names, is just now coming out from under the unfair cloud of persecution that has plagued this valuable and useful commodity.

With states like Colorado and Washington leading the way in reforming the stigma attached to “weed,” the public is experiencing a maturity of perceptions towards the plant and the people who paved the way in reevaluating its benefits. Now that the seed of a new attitude has taken root in these forward thinking parts of the country, “pot” smokers and enthusiasts can openly procure cannabis products as long as they are over 21 years of age. So what’s it like to buy recreational marijuana?

Well, here’s a vignette of personal experiences that have taken place in Colorado. While in Boulder, a notable college town with historically lax and understanding attitudes towards marijuana use; one can witness the weed culture being redefined on a daily basis. Dispensaries, (found throughout the city) are welcoming store fronts; with well crafted brands and very attractive, thought-out marketing campaigns.

Take for instance Terrapin Care Station, a dispensary that emphasizes its focus on caring for its clientele’s needs, whether medical or recreational. Another successful dispensary The Farm, has evolved their brand very well with extensive merchandising of products, such as t-shirts, mugs, vaporizers and other accessories. These are more than legitimate cannabis businesses, they are a local cultural force that is helping create a definition of what responsible recreational use is.

At these establishments one is greeted upon entering. The clean, nice spaces are well furnished, tastefully decorated and sober in the presentation of the wares. An ID check, leads to a waiting room, where a menu is presented. One may find it incredible that there are so many different varieties of marijuana, each with specific THC counts, for different levels of potency or pain relief. Each strain is researched, evaluated and classified; from Afghan to Chemdawg and many others, each plant can provide a different desired effect. A friendly attendant will escort you into the inner sanctum, where you can make your selection and purchase.

“Budtenders,” knowledgeable and friendly employees help and inform on such terminology as sativa or indica, or what the pluses and minuses are of edibles, concentrates, tinctures and other fine, locally made products. After walking out of these establishments there is a relief in knowing that the purchase that just transpired is 100% legal, but also the satisfactory awareness that a direct financial contribution to your local economy and its hard working entrepreneurs has just taken place.

Buying recreational marijuana supports innovative businesses that are blazing a trail with a natural substance whose applications have for far too long only been appreciated in the shadows. Recreational marijuana supports American businesses and supports local growers as opposed to international cartels.

Through responsible and informed marijuana legislation, the public at large can really make a change in the international drug trade, and our prison overpopulation concerns. Find local dispensaries and deals here, and try buying legal marijuana yourself.

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