What’s the Best Way to Store My Weed?


Storing your marijuana is an important part of keeping it fresh and is actually much more complicated than people imagine.  You also need to protect it from mold, light, and additional outside forces that are often overlooked.  If your don’t take all of these elements into account when choosing your storage method, it could turn the most fragrant and stickiest batch into a pile of green dust.

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The best way to store weed depends a lot on where you live and the moisture in the air.  That said, glass jars have been a popular method for a long time.  It is easy to make air tight jars and glass also leaves no residual taste or flavors. The downside of glass is that it lets a lot of light in, which can have a negative impact on the bud.  If you can find a glass jar that does not let in any light (think dark or colored glass), that could be ideal.


It is a common misconception that pot will last longer if it is stored in the freezer or fridge.  The cold temperatures can be hurtful to the buds and the humidity constantly fluctuates.  Temperatures below freezing can remove trichomes, or the little white hairs, from the marijuana as well.  On the other hand, heat can dry out the plant very quickly, so room temperature is ideal.

All factors being equal, the best place you can store your marijuana is in a dark and airtight glass jar in a room temperature environment.  But there are a variety of deals on everything from bud to storage that you can find here.


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