When is Cannabis Out of Your System?


Even with the progress towards legalization of marijuana, the question on many people’s minds is when is cannabis out of your system?  It’s a sad reality, but many jobs, schools, and programs require their candidates to test clean of any drug, including weed.  The upside, however, is that a lot of them only do a one-time test. With some proper planning, you can pass the test, get the position, and continue with your legal consumption.

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There are may factors that contribute to how long after consumption the THC will still be in your system. These factors include how often you smoke, the amount of fat you have on your body, and metabolism rate.  Keep in mind that everyone has different physiological processes, so results may vary slightly.  The most common way to test for cannabis is through urine tests.  There are a number of ways to attempt to quicken the time period between quitting and testing clean.

If you are just an occasional or first time user, you can expect to be THC free in approximately one to three days. Frequent users will be cannabis free about 10 days after stopping.  Cheech and Chong (extremely frequent users) might have to wait up to 67 days before they are clean of cannabis.

If you want to get clean in a hurry there are some short and long-term methods that will help.  For the short-term, drinking plenty of water to dilute your urine is scientifically proven. However, it is possible to become over hydrated, so don’t over do it. In the long-run, eating healthy and getting enough of exercise can help move THC through your system faster.  This is because THC binds to fat cells.  If you have a low amount of fat, you still get all the benefits of weed, it just doesn’t have as much to hold on to as it leaves your body.


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