Are Edibles Your Thing?


There are more ways than ever to use marijuana. Edibles have become increasingly popular and have added a completely new experience for many people. Plus, because of the discretion involved, buyers in states where marijuana is legal but smoking it in public is not, can still medicate outside the confines of their homes. In addition, edibles can offer convenience in dosing, storage and transport, too, because of the way they are portioned and packaged.

Edibles come in all kinds of forms, from hard candy and chocolate to brownies, drinks, and drops, which can make consumption a lot easier, but there are also things to be aware of before you visit a dispensary and experiment with any of these products. 

Edibles will get you high just like smoking or vaporizing marijuana will, but the high is different. And the dosing is important. And everyone’s chemistry reacts differently. Edibles used responsibly canbe a fun and convenient way to get your high, but the experience is unpredictable, especially your first time.

To take control of some of that unpredictability and find the dose that’s right for you, you should take into account some steps that will help you get your best experience with edibles.

Are you a first timer? Responsible dispensaries will ask you about your experience with marijuana. It’s ok if you’re brand new to eating marijuana; everyone has to start somewhere! If so, please take our advice and start out reeeeallly slow. And even if you’re an experienced pot smoker, but have never tried edibles, you need to know that the tolerance from one to the other isn’t the same. There is a reason that many dispensaries offer a “rookie cookie”. The highs from smoking pot and eating pot-infused edibles are two very different animals, and even experienced pot smokers need to start slow with the candy and drinks. As anyone, and they’ll tell you the cardinal rule with edibles is start slow. You can always have more.

Know thyself. Things like weight, gender, age, and chemical makeup are all factors in how you’ll experience edibles. Ask the friendly dispensary employees about these things and how they might affect your high; it’s their job to help you get the best experience possible.

Eat a sandwich. Or something else. Like so many medications and supplements on the market, it’s important not to use edibles on an empty stomach. First of all, most of the edibles on the market taste really good. If you’re hungry, you run a good chance of consuming more than you may need. Second, your stomach lining is a quick path to your bloodstream, and with no food in there the effects of your edibles can be way too intense. And not in a good way. You wouldn’t want to drink a bunch of beer on an empty stomach, right? Marijuana edibles are the same. So go get some grub before you eat an edible.

Find your kind. In the same way you might know how you feel about an indica or a sativa, or what strain is your favorite, you will probably find an edible that works best for you, one where you get fairly consistent results and know what to expect. Finding your favorite edible may take some research and trial and error, but in the end you will have your go-to. It’s also important to note here that dosing and labeling edibles is not an exact science, especially as new regulations are still being figured out and dispensaries are still learning some of the ropes. Find reputable dispensaries, and experiment responsibly.

Slow your roll. A recommended “serving size” for marijuana is ten milligrams. Do you know how much that is? In many cases that is only one gummy bear or 1/10th of a tootsie rool, or a small square of chocolate. There are often several doses or servings in one edible, and because edibles take a lot longer to effect you than smoking, you may find yourself waiting around to get high and become tempted to have a little more. Don’t do it. Seriously. Take your first dose and then wait about an hour. If it’s still not enough, then you can consider taking a little bit more if you want to increase the effects. If you take too much without waiting to see how you feel, then you can wind up being “too high” for hours. The same way taking a few shots of vodka in quick succession will ruin your night, marijuana edibles are not something you want to overdo. Take it slow. Sensing a theme here?

Marijuana edibles can be a convenient, discreet, and fun way to experience a great high. Remember to experiment slowly, dose accordingly, and pay attention to your body. Soon you’ll be an edibles expert!

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