Who Will Legalize Next?


There’s been a lot of speculation on who will legalize marijuana next, and California seems to be at the top of the list. California was the originator of the medical marijuana movement, so it’s actually kind of surprising that it hasn’t joined other founders, like Colorado and Washington, in recreational legalization. Groups like Marijuana Policy Project and Drug Policy Alliance are working on drafting regulatory legislation in California, so keep an eye out in 2016. But aside from the Golden State, who else could be next? Here are our top three choices:

Massachusetts: Marijuana has been decriminalized in Massachusetts since 2008, and medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2012. The state legislation has also been poised with a legalization bill since 2014. Given the time passed since MMJ legislation, we have a strong feeling Massachusetts is next.

Maine: With its strong libertarian leanings, Maine is a good bet, and marijuana has also been decriminalized in cities like Portland and South Portland since 2013. Since it’s part of the public discourse in Maine, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some shake-ups in the coming years.

New York: New York has never been a state looking to shy away from potential tax revenue, and marijuana is a huge revenue generator. The state is generally more liberal leaning, and the passage of the Compassionate Care Act in 2015, along with NYC’s decriminalization measures, signify that this blue state might be next.

High Times also recently speculated about Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida, and TIME added Arizona to its list.

Who do you think is up next? Is your state on the list?

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