Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana Line Aimed at Pain Relief


Cannabis use, and research, has exploded ever since it’s become legal in parts of the United States. While marijuana’s uses have expanded rapidly, including as a possible treatment for everything from migraine headaches to depression, there is a particularly common medical issue that has been overlooked until now. A type of chronic pain that affects as much as half the world’s population, at any given time.

Menstruation. We’re talking about menstruation.

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Whoopi and Maya to Help Fight Period Pain

Celebrities and weed go together like a hand in a glove, if you believe any of what you read in the tabloids, and Whoopi Goldberg is no stranger to marijuana use. Whoopi has talked in the past about her lifetime of painful periods, and marijuana was one of the only things that helped ease that pain for her.

Given her experiences, she has partnered with Maya Elisabeth in order to bring a new kind of cannabis product to the market. Also, according to Yahoo! News, Goldberg is determined to keep the products her company offers safe, and natural. No one will need a degree in chemistry, and a second in botany, to be able to read and understand the ingredients list.

Another Common Problem, Fixed By Cannabis

It seems like every day we find another use for legal cannabis. The sheer variety of possibilities shows just how limited our thinking about it has been in the past, and it gives more insight into just how big the black market for it was before any legalization efforts were made.


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