Why am I High?


Good Question.

  • You’re high because you were lucky enough to consume marijuana, a plant full of magical crystals made of cannabidoids like THC and CBD.
  • You’re high because you’re messing with the space between your neurons, and you’re using marijuana to mix up your chemical messengers. You’re like a really bad GPS, but luckily you’re still going to end up in a great place.
  • You’re high because the Internet is there! You’re high because cat videos exist and how is anyone expected to watch them all without a little help?
  • You’re high because the savory/ sweet debate really needs to be settled once and for all. Go grab a slice of pizza AND some donuts and let me know which wins. I’ll wait!
  • You’re high because cannabidoids mimic a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which works with dopamine to balance mood, short term memory, and problem solving. The balance is upset and now you’re reaping the benefits!
  • You’re high because remember finger painting? Remember how it feels to sit in the grass, to sit on a stoop, to drink out of a water fountain, to climb a tree, to sweat and then jump through water? Remember how you’re alive?
  • You’re high because the universe needs you to be relaxed. Too much cortisol is like poison to your brain! Consider this a chill out detox for all the stressful things the world keeps putting out there! It’s a test and you’re passing. I’m proud of you.
  • You’re high because anadamide is called the bliss molecule! What a great GPS to follow!
  • You’re high because the world is changing and more states than ever have legalized marijuana in some capacity. FINALLY.
  • You’re high because I bet Tommy Chong had something to do with it. In a way.
  • You’re high because someone needs to go listen to The Flaming Lips! Someone needs to put on Outkast! There’s just so much music to listen to right now!
  • You’re high because your eyes are tired and can’t believe you’re making them stay open to read this, but we’re really glad you did.
  • Oh and go have a glass of water, it’s really good for you.

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