Why Do People Use Marijuana? Three Common Reasons


Though legal in a handful of states, it’s still against the law in many, leaving you to wonder, why do people use marijuana? There is no universal answer to this question, but here are three common reasons people smoke weed.


Why Do People Use Marijuana? Greenito

One of the two primary components of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. As it reacts with neurons in your brain, it mimics a natural neurotransmitter called anandamide, producing feelings of calmness and a mild euphoria. This is why many folks find it so relaxing to unwind with a puff or three.


Why Do People Use Marijuana? Greenito

Marijuana culture has long celebrated a peaceful atmosphere of community and sharing. Sharing a joint or passing the peace pipe is considered to be a sign of friendship and openness, and many people who wouldn’t think to light up on their own are known to enjoy a green buzz in the company of a few friends. At a party or around a campfire, weed makes an appearance and brings people together.

Pain Relief

Why Do People Use Marijuana? Greenito

Besides THC, the other primary chemical element in marijuana is cannabidiol (CBD). With its analgesic properties, CBD is often touted as a natural pain reliever. From dulling a headache to soothing sore muscles, pain relief is another common reason that people turn to pot. When separated from the THC (the component that causes the high) CBD oil can be ingested or applied topically as a salve or cream for pain relief without a buzz.

People use marijuana for all different reasons, including the sheer fun of it! Whether you smoke to relax or to socialize, you can find the best deals and dispensaries here.


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