Marijuana: The Why, the What, and the Importance


As cannabis becomes legal across the nation, more people are curious about marijuana – why do people use it, and what are they looking for?

Debate about marijuana use continues despite the fact that it is shifting into the mainstream; in states where it’s legal, there are entire blocks of dispensaries, and efforts to make it fully legal in every state are gaining more ground than ever.

Even though there are those who oppose it and those who support it, there are many who remain in the middle, who haven’t yet made up their minds.  They are curious and they have questions, like why do people use marijuana, what are they looking for and why is it so important that it be a legal right?  Well, let’s take each question one at a time.

1. Why do people use marijuana?

People have been using marijuana recreationally, medically and even religiously for thousands of years, in fact, the earliest recorded uses date from the 3rd millennium BC. Ancient cultures in China, India and Greece recognized the benefits of its use. Even now, Jamaican Rastafarians treat Marijuana as a sacrament for meditation and in Nepal it’s still used during religious festivals.

2. What are marijuana users looking for?

It produces both physical and mental effects. An active ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC makes the user feel high or euphoric, relaxed and generally produces a sense of well-being and the other active ingredient, CBD provides pain and anxiety relief.   Recreational users are looking for a way to relieve stress and anxiety, and to enjoy themselves, much like some people have a glass of wine at the end of the day.  Medically, marijuana is used for chronic pain, muscle spasms, glaucoma and can relieve nausea and increase appetite in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The positive effects have made a huge impact on quality of life.

3. Why is it important that marijuana use be legalized?

There are many advantages to legalizing marijuana. It could be regulated by the FDA which would improve the standards and safety of the drug.  It could be a much-needed source of tax revenues. Crime would be reduced which would free up police and the courts for much more serious crimes. Studies have shown that cannabis isn’t any more harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Most importantly, the states that have legalized it have already had proven success, with Washington and Colorado bringing in a combined total of nearly $140 million dollars of tax revenue in their first years.

As states consider whether to legalize recreational or medical cannabis, it’s important to consider the economic and medical benefits.

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